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Florist Website Software - Premium Package

Our Premium Package is designed for flower shop owners looking to capture more orders for the areas they serve while also aggressively looking to capture more "Outgoing Wire Orders".

Most florists today participating with wire services such as FTD, Teleflora, Bloomnet and others are often asked to fill more orders than they call out each month causing shops to give up much more in commissions filling incoming orders than they earn by calling out orders. Our Premium Package combats this problem and is designed to help florists capture more outgoing wire orders and in some cases, many more.

Local Florist Websites - Premium Package

How its works

Our Premium Package has the ability to dynamically create web pages using specific information from a host of additional databases we've added to the MySql database that is used in all our packages. In turn, pages are created on the fly by pulling the data from these various table to create beautiful pages targeting:

  • Cities and towns for any county, state or even the entire United State and Canada,

  • Funeral homes, mortuaries and cemeteries,

  • Hospitals and care centers,

  • Retirements homes,

  • Assisted living locations,

  • Condominiums and co-ops,
In truth, our Premium Website Software Package can easily produce well over 100,000+ pages for your website to display targeting all the locations above and even more.

Please see the www.theflowershop.ca as an example of just one of our premium website packages and note the links in the footer of the website. These links help the search engines crawl all of the pages allowing them to be indexed by the various search engines. Additionally we have installed a randomizing feature to alter some of the components of the pages avoiding duplicate content penalties.

Prices for our Premium Package vary based on the needs of your business and the number of additional dynamic pages you require. Feel free to complete our simple questionnaire and we'll be happy to schedule a complete demonstration and provide you with a customized quote.

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