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Local florist websites features and benefits


Local Florist Website Software Features and Benefits

No monthly maintenance or fee per order when you purchase a license ¹ – Our software is designed for you to be able to manage your own website changes as you see fit and after our software is fully installed and operational, we will provide you with ongoing training (up to 4 hours) on how to make changes to your website, mark orders as processed and a few other simple tasks.

If you do not have the time or are uncomfortable making changes on your own, we’ll be happy to provide you with a monthly maintenance program that can be customized to your needs.

If you opt to rent our software and not purchase immediately, we will do all the necessary monthly, seasonal and holiday changes while also making updates and changes to your site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

¹ Yearly Hosting is required for all websites and you are free to shop hosting companies, host on your own web-server or host with us. Our cost for hosting is $300.00/year and includes support and SSL.

Latest Development Projects Now Available

Top AnnouncementDisplays text and/or images in any font & color at the top of every page of the website.

Customized Funeral Home PagesDisplays random products from the funeral category in addition to displaying the funeral home information, map locations, funeral home logos, etc. SEO optimized to drive more funeral orders.

Customized Hospital PagesDisplays random products from the get-well category in addition to displaying the hospital or care centers information, map locations, and images of the actual hospital. SEO optimized to drive more hospital related orders.

Frontpage Sort ProductsAllows you exact positioning of items displayed on the front page

Category Sort Order Allows you exact positioning of items displayed on any category page. For example, 12 Red Roses may be displayed in the #1 position in the Rose category, and then some other position in the Anniversary category helping you to move better selling items to the top of a page and category.

Shop Phone NumberNow displays throughout the shopping cart helping save orders when customers have poor internet connections or need to clarify details about their order.

Order Form EnhancementsModifies delivery methods for shops using Pool Deliveries Services and added "location type” and "occasion type” on order form.

Delivery Date ModificationAllows shop owners to set a cut off time for same-day delivery – forcing customer to select next day as the fist possible delivery date if they are placing the order past the cut off time. Each day of the week may have its own cut off time for same-day delivery. Simply change the time during peak holidays when you can no longer accept same-day delivery.

Delivery time based on destinationAllows the delivery date cut off time above to calculate based on the delivery time in the destination state. We use GMT, and date to fist determine Standard Time (ST) or Daylight-Saving Time (DST) across the country and calculate the time in the destination State where same-day delivery may still be acceptable while not available in others.

Delivery fee calculator by zip codeYou may now apply delivery fees based on the destination zip code.

New email message libraryAllows florist to quickly send pre-scripted text messages to customers and display them on screen for custom editing before sending. Primarily used for sending delivery confirmation, notifying customers the recipient was not home, or any other message you wish to set up in your own library.

FTD POS Interface – Allows web orders to interface into their FTD POS system reducing the need of retyping the entire web-order into a different platform for credit card processing and generation of the FTD order entry form for local deliveries or you may send the order out over Mercury using the FTD network of florists.  

YPF Network Interface – Allows orders to be easily "called out" or transferred to the YPF network of florist without the need of retyping the order into their web-based portal.