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Local florist websites features and benefits


Standard Software Features and Benefits


Responsive design and layout – Site(s) automatically display optimally on computer, tablet and smart phone based on the size of the user’s screen.

Unlimited productsWe’ll preload thousands of wire service images and their corresponding titles and text description from FTD, Teleflora, BloomNet, and YPF where you may then set prices as you see fit. You are free to install your own custom products at anytime or we will provide you with a separate quote for the installation of your own images depending on the quantity you have.

Unlimited categoriesExample: Birthday, Get Well, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc. Each category may have their own custom header displaying at the top of the category page text, video, graphics, maps and more. Shop owners are free to use non-floral categories too, perfect for selling additional gift lines like: Candles, Wedding products, Jewelry, etc.

Product featuresAllows consumers to purchase items in various sizes automatically adjusting the sales price while permitting the consumer to purchase add-on products such as: Candy, Balloons, Bears, etc.

Catalog mode – Displays products with showing a price or with custom text such as "Call for price”. This feature may be used throughout the shopping cart and is perfect for displaying wedding flowers where you want to know all the details of the wedding prior to quoting a price.

Contact formCustomers may send general questions via the contact us page or per product.

Customizable search fieldsNow displays on all pages of the website and allows you to define the search fields available to customers. E.g. Search by Product code, Search by Product Name, etc.

BreadcrumbsMay be turn on or off with a simple click. Used to display where customers are located within the site, helping then to navigate. E.g. Home»Categories» Any Occasion.

Template based formatting Allows you to have complete control over the look and feel of categories and products. You may choose to display flowers using one type of design while other product such as plants may have another. Additionally, wedding products and gift lines you offer can be displayed with a completely different look and design to the page.

Top sellersAutomatically displays the top selling items purchased by consumers in a carousel fashion on your website. You may set the quantity of items to display in the admin.

Featured productsAre products you want to sell or bring extra attention to. Perfect for showing branded products for the wire services during the holidays or your own custom designs that may be more profitable than others.

Category fly-out / drop-down menuDisplays sub-categories more efficiently.

You may also likeDisplay other products from the same category on the product extended description page.

Product comparisonAllows the shopper to see items next to each other on the same page for comparison.

Category Header FilesAllows you to display unique text and or images above each category to describe the category in detail, or highlight certain items or services you provide.


Random home page product display – Standard Version displays random products from all categories. Deluxe and Premium sites allows for selective products in selected positions. Hospital and Funeral Home pages for Deluxe and premium versions display products from their respective categories.

Automated extended description pagesAutomatically links images and details buttons found on a category page to the products extended page that shows all features and options available to the consumer.

Exclude products from sales taxNow uses simple Yes/No options on products to apply sales tax or not. Tax can also be added to delivery fees or delivery may be tax free.

Kit configurationAllows you to configure "kits” where multiple items need to be purchase.

Stock control, Reports, Admin, and NotificationsAllows you complete control over stock, and notifies you when stock is running low.

Customer discounts Allows you to set up a "Type” of customer whereby they would receive and automatic discount. Great for retail/wholesale florists.

Quantity-based pricingAllows for automated price changes when customers buy a certain quantity.

Delivery address per productAllows you customer to place multiple orders going to different address on one check out form. Note: Not available for shop who interface order to POS systems or WS Networks.

Cross-selling productsDisplays items from the same category that customer may be interested in.

Buy one get one freeSelf explanatory.

Search term recordingAutomatically builds a list of the search terms customer use while on your websites, help you to rename products, or create products for wheat customers are looking for.

Order historyPart of the customer admin and allows them to review previous orders and or duplicate then for a second sale.

Tell a friendAutomatically creates a hyperlink and message system to share your products with others. Very useful for Brides wanting to share images of bouquets with the bridal party or when families are collaborating on funeral designs, etc.

Resend order invoice emailOn occasion, customers may need a copy of their original receipt. You can easily send one with a few clicks from the admin or the website.

Export/Import any tableOur software permits you to import or export any table from the database to make quick changes via spreadsheets like Excel or to import into accounting software such as QuickBooks.

Bulk editConverts many of the typical work screens in the admin into a spreadsheet format whereby you can quickly change the prices of many items at one time. Perfect for holiday prices changes or when you need to change many items at one time.

Sales reportView/print sales report by month, year, or specific date ranges for valid sales, and abandoned carts. Reports generated allocate sales to Products, Delivery fees collected, and Sales Tax collected. Reports also show the number of units sold and the number of deliveries made.

Product reportProvides you with a detailed list of the products sold and the value of each unit. For example, product # 123 is available in small at 45.00, medium at 60.00 and large at 75.00. The report details the number of units sold at each price increment, so you may manage your pricing structures more easily.

Customer-based products and pricingAllows special products at special prices to be displays only to special customers. Perfect for wholesale florists, or florist that give an automatic discount to large organizations, etc.

Digital delivery/online downloadsAllow you to sell or simply distribute through a download button digital goods such as Word Documents, PDF files, image files, music files and other formats for immediate delivery to the consumer. In turn, this is a perfect way to distribute documents to perspective brides highlighting all there is about your business.

Service paymentsPermits any type of service fee to be added to any order.

Associate product to suppliers Used for drop-shipping items where other companies will ship on your behalf. Each supplier may have their own customized email message sent on completion of the order. In most cases, only the ship to information and product information is sent to the supplier, where they do not see any of the customer information. We use this function to send separate messages to shops that have the FTD POS – reducing the needs to re-key an order into the POS.


Order notification to suppliers and affiliates ­– Once an order is processed, a copy of the order may be sent automatically to your supplier by email or affiliate who have registered as a sales affiliate selling your products that an order has taken place.

Multiple mailing on order completionCustomized to your specifications, email notifications are sent to you (the merchant), the customer as a receipt, and to any other email address with the proper information for that specific email address. Welcome messages can be automated, and delivery confirmations may be sent with just a few clicks.

Add insurance or other fees to orders ­– Our shopping cart allows you to add any type of fee to the order. Each fee is configured separately and can be on a per item bases is desired.


Gift certificates ­– Allow you to sell gift certificates online for consumers to buy for themselves or send to others as a gift.

Discount couponsAllows you to offer discount coupons that can be used one time or multiple times. Discounts can be set as a percentage of the retail price or a fixed amount. Date limitation may also be added restricting usage to the time frame you desire.

Affiliate systemAllows others to sell products on your website or on their website, tracking commission rates for each affiliate separately so you can easily see / pay each affiliate correctly based on their sales.

SEO URL manager Allows the system to automatically convert the assigned URL to a search engine friendly URL that is more descriptive to help gain better placement in search engines.

SEO toolkit Consists of a Static HTML Generator, Dynamic Generator, and XML feed Generator helps you to quickly Generate an RSS feed, Generate Shopping.com feed, Add Store Products To an XML Feed, or View/Edit XML Feed Records.

Integrate to MailChimpMakes sending email campaign faster.

Integrate to Campaign MonitorMakes sending email campaign faster.


Make an offerFunctionality allowing you to ask for customers to make an offer on a product. Once you accept the offer, you can send the customer a special link to make a payment.

Ask a questionAllows customers to ask questions about any product.

Saving and restoring cartsAllows customer to save their selection to the shopping cart to purchase at some other time.

Order trackingAllows for incoming and out going messages to be appended right to the order so that you have a record of all communications.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)Allows you to require a RMA for the return of goods.

Product reviewsAllows customers to "read” and/or "write” a review of the product they purchased and will not show the review until an administrator authorizes it for viewing.


Browser based administration Login to your administration via the web from anywhere with the correct User, Password and Password2. Password2 is an added layer of security.

Admin user managementAllows you to set user privileges for owners, managers, employees and more.

Customized delivery and shipping calculationsReal time UPS, Real Time FedEx, Ship by weight, ship by product, lookup fee, and a variety of other ship methods come standard.

Order notification emails ­– Send as many emails as required on order completion with the correct information on it, depending on the recipient of the email. In most cases, we send receipts to: The Florist Shop, A Customer Receipt, Any Drop-ship that is required, The FTD POS system for any interfacing required, and a XML formatted text to YPF Network for any interfacing that is required.

Content management system (CMS)Includes a WYSIWYG editor so that your content pages are easy to produce with no HTML knowledge needed.

Dynamic meta-tags information ­– Customized for your shop, this provides the search engines with the correct meta-data for the title of the page, keywords and description of what is on the page.

jQuery Ajax librarySpeeds up the administration process allows you to just type a few letters to find products and categories.

Keep Alive ScriptPrevents users and administrators from being kick off the website due to server time-out issues.

Layout managerOne (visual based) screen allows you to change the entire look and feel of your website.

Page Manager- Allows you to create and maintain all "Content pages” within the site. Content pages may also have unique template themes and layout designs.

Blog Manager Allows you to create and maintain all "Blogs” and archive configurations.

News Article ManagerAllows you to create and maintain all "News” and archive configurations.

set Tax by state, country, productYou have complete control of Tax for the United states and our cart is capable of applies the correct tax for Canada including PST, GST & HST when and where required.

Bulk updatesReduces the amount of time required to make many changes. E.g. Increasing the price of a lot of items for a major floral holiday.

Image/Data file upload Allow you add new products quickly and upload images right from the administration. You may also upload data files to be used in conjunction with the data import.

Data import/exportAllows you to upload or export any data table from the database for review and or editing.


SSL supportIn the past, SSL was only required for sites that accepted credit car information however several of the search engines now want SSl installed for any page where forms accept personal information. Should you decided to host with LFW we will install the SSL automatically with your yearly hosting.

Credit card numbers automatically deleteThe Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.Should you wish to process credit card payment yourself and not uses a hosted gateway, the credit card information will automatically delete when you mark an order as processed. We strongly recommend you use an online credit card processing system (a.k.a. Gateway) like Authorize.net so that credit card information is not entered into your website. We offer approximately 80 different credit card gateways and will be happy to customize one if needed.

IP address restrictionWe offer three ways to help reduce credit card fraud. First, we have installed a Hacker table in our database that allows you to simply add IP address and/or emails address of customers whereby the system will not allow them to purchase in the future. Secondly, we can block IP address for entire countries that are known for attempted hacking. And lastly, we will provide you with a list of ways to identify potential credit card fraud before you make or deliver the order.

Customizable user permissionsGenerally, we will set up several users for your website’s admin allowing owner and employees access to the various table to make changes to the site. Owners are given SUPER USER authority and employees can be restricted to just certain area.


PIN numbers PIN numbers are generally used for soft good sales such as telephone cards, music downloads, etc.PIN number module allows you to have a PIN number sent to your customer at the completion of their purchase. At the end of an order, a PIN number is looked up for each product purchased and e-ailed to the customer. Each product can have its own set of PIN numbers. PIN Numbers are included in the merchant confirmation email. When PIN numbers reach a low level, a warning is sent to the merchant. When PIN Numbers reach a critical level, another warning is sent to the merchant. Validates that payment is made according to your specification before PIN numbers are sent.

Gift registry– Just like a wedding registry at a department store, this module allowsbrides to add products to a registry she creates allowing others to purchase items from her registry.

Recurring billing The recurring billing system allows you to sell floral arrangements and automatically bill the customer on a periodic basis. The billing can be set up automatically when a customer purchases a product from the shop or it can be manually configured without any purchase needed to begin the recurring billing cycle.

Points rewardsThis module allows customer to receive points at the end of their order based on the products they have purchased. Points can be assigned to all or selected products and you may allow your customers to redeem their points on your website or in shop via coupons or gift certificates. Points can be converted to gift certificate or discount coupons. Conversion rate is set by the merchant. Customer can select the number of points to be converted when redeeming. Customer can review number of points available to be converted. Mail is set to both customer and merchant when a conversion is made. Points can be product specific or based on product price.

Phone OrderFor shops that use a credit card gateway to authorize credit card sales, the phone module allows you to process telephone order much like a Point-of-Sale system in that the credit card is automatically authorized at the end of the order process. The phone order page bypasses the regular shopping cart so that employees can quacking take all the information required for both sender and recipient on one single page, reducing the need to go page by page as customers do on the front end of the website. We’ve added a paragraph box field allowing free text of the product description and you may enter any price.

DonationsWith a simple Yes/No flag, you can allow customers to make a "Donation” in the amount they specify.

Display Multiple currencyOur shopping cart allows you to display multiple currencies but should not be used with credit card gateways. Order placed in US dollars will emailed to the merchant and customer in US dollars. Orders placed in Canadian dollars will be sent to use in Canadian Dollars.


You have complete control over what forms of payment you will accept for web orders.

Standard options include: Cash for Pick-Up orders, Credit Cards Payment where you process the card numbers with your own in shop equipment, Credit Card Payment via an online gateway that authorizes or declines that card while the customer is checking out, House Charge where you send a bill for pre-authorized accounts, All PayPal payment gateways including PayPal accounts and PayPal credit cards. All orders are processed in your default currency.